Siddhartha Himself Would Succumb to Disgust

Buddhists are supposed to acknowledge that suffering is universal, not strive to make it so. Assholes.

Myanmar protesters try to block aid shipment to Muslim Rohingya

SITTWE, Myanmar (Reuters) – Buddhist protesters in Myanmar threw petrol bombs to try to block a shipment of aid to Muslims in Rakhine state, where the United Nations has accused the military of ethnic cleansing, before police fired in the air to disperse them.

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Softbank Boss Joins Elon Musk in Warning of Artificial Intelligence’s “Existential Threat”

From Dealbook:

FromThe Singularity is coming, Masayoshi Son says.

The founder of SoftBank, the Japanese conglomerate, had the business world chattering on Monday night with his speech at the Appeal of Conscience Foundation. (DealBook is the first to report on it.”)

His main thrusts:

• The Singularity, when artificial intelligence finally outstrips that of humans, will replace huge swaths of jobs.

• The number of sentient robots on Earth will rival the number of humans.

via Morning Agenda: Masayoshi Son Warns of the Singularity – The New York Times

Sam Harris’s conversation with computer scientist and neuroanatomist Stuart Russell explores the issue of developing AI that’s compatible with human well-being in a useful way.

Alphaville: 1980s Credit Crisis Was Dress Rehearsal for 2000s.

Will people read across to the present day? Nah… this time it’s different.

They take advantage of differences in the timing of bank deregulation across US states in the 1980s — specifically, limits on both inter-state and intra-state branches — to measure the importance of “credit supply shocks” for employment, consumer spending, house prices, indebtedness, and inflation. States more willing to let banks from other states enter their market, such as New York, had bigger booms in the 1980s and bigger busts subsequently when compared to places less open to financial-sector competition, such as Illinois.

These booms took the form of greater household borrowing, significantly faster inflation, and a big uptick in the size of the notoriously unproductive construction sector. Rather than encouraging worthwhile investments, easier lending standards only exacerbated the amplitude of the cycle:

via Anyone awake in the 1980s should have known about the dangers in the 2000s | FT Alphaville

Equifax adds duplicity to incompetence – READ WOLF’S COLUMN BEFORE ACTING!

After allowing your data to be hacked, the company has so kindly agreed to monitor your credit file for free for a year so that you can figure out whether anyone’s trying to use your compromised data and steal your identity. But if you agree to let Equifax do that, you consent to forfeit your right to sue them for losing your data in the first instance– and to pursue any class action for any damages you might be entitle to recover for the consequences of the data breach.

via Wolf Richter: Worst US Consumer Data Hack Ever? Equifax Confesses | naked capitalism