Smartphone Addiction – Protecting Your Lizard Brain From Tech Depredations

Two crucial pieces on the arms race for human attention.

via Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? – The Atlantic

And here’s a piece on how to stay focused:

Personal bias alert – my modest proposal:

Smartphone Zombies





Apple’s $5 Billion Leveraged De-Equitization Shows Folly of Repatriated Cash Tax Break

Soooo… Why again do they need that tax holiday?

And what does it mean when you’re your biggest investor?

Via Bloomberg:


Apple is about three-fourths of the way through a program that’s returning $300 billion of capital to shareholders by the end of March 2019. At the start of July, the company was sitting on more than $261.5 billion of cash — 94 percent of which was outside the U.S., Chief Financial Officer Luca Maestri said on an earnings call.



via Apple Sells $5 Billion of Debt to Fund Share Buybacks, Dividends – Bloomberg

This is Worse than Before the Last Three Crashes | Wolf Street

How long will “magical thinking” sustain the rally? No way to say. But when the gears are reversed, it could get ugly…. From Wolf Street:

“There are a million reasons why multiple compression hasn’t started yet, including the scorched-earth monetary policies by central banks around the world and the hope for miracles during the Trump administration.”

via This is Worse than Before the Last Three Crashes | Wolf Street