Living in the Matrix? A Nod to Nick Bostrom’s Simulation Theory

Oxford philosopher Nick Bostrom is one of the main proponents of the idea that we’re red_and_blue_pillliving in a computer simulation (“Are You Living in a Computer Simulation?” Philosophical Quarterly 2003 Vol. 53, No. 211, pp. 243-255), and he’s been joined in recent years by a phalanx of household-name tech bigwig-futurists, most notably Elon Musk.

Proponents say it’s simply a matter of statistics – given the probability of civilizations much older than ours in the galaxy, and the computing power at their disposal (Moore’s Law times a couple million years…), it’s simply more likely that we exist in a simulation than not. Here’s an interesting look at how even our sorry, 150,000-year-old species has begun peeling back that lid. From The Atlantic:

Inside the Artificial Universe That Creates Itself

A team of programmers has built a self-generating cosmos, and even they don’t know what’s hiding in its vast reaches.